UV-cure resin recommendation?

Can someone recommend a transparent UV-cure resin?

I want to make a “lens” on a small 3D-printed camera model. I would fill/pour in place.

Alternately, is anyone planning a resin class (making pen blanks or something)?

My guess is a drop or two of clear 3d print resin would work. You could cure it with the lens face down and get a bit of surface tension bulge.

Maybe @Keith can offer a more informed opinion.

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Having given it some more thought, I’d apply with a syringe with a large bore needle. That will give you a lot better control. You can pull back if you get too much.

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Any kind of clear epoxy should work.

Me thinks your mini Nikon needs an aspheric lens made of fluorite.

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Oops! So sorry @John_Marlow, this slipped through the wide gaps in my brain… '-) But seriously folks…

I think @ozindfw idea of using the needle as an applicator is a great idea and a great way to control it. What I’d recommend is some of the UV curable resin. It remains liquid until you hit it with UV light, so you should have more control over when it’s “just right” and ready to cure. I use DecorRom Hard Type UV Resin, and cure it with a super powerful UV flashlight.

I don’t even know if you need any of this info anymore, but if you are still working on your project I can bring some up to the space sometime and help you get it done. :slight_smile: Just let me know!


I probably have a large gauge need and syringe you can have, now if I can just remember where I put them.

I do actually still need one drop of this! It’s not worth a special trip. Do you think the UV curing station for the resin prints would be adequate?

Yes, the UV curing station should work just fine. The materials all respond to the same range of UV, so it should work. I’d recommend doing a test (if you have a spare drop :wink: ) just to get the time you need with your station. Then go for it! And please let us know how it goes. I can’t wait to see that tiny camera with an actual “glass” lens! Good luck! :grin: