Utensils for jewelry making


I work at a college and we changed all of our forks and knives out to a new set. I think I saw someone talking about posting a class or already having a class with making jewelry out of utensils. I have a lot so it could be used for classes or whatever.


@sroriginals maybe?

Are these items sterling, silverplate, or stainless steel? I have known people to use sterling flatware to make jewelry, and sometimes silver plate, which is usually over brass. However, stainless steel is a different thing, and most commercial flatware these days is steel. We could not use it in the jewelry department, but possibly blacksmithing or metal shop might be interested?

Post some photos, I have some people interested in art welding, I almost bought a bunch of American Aitlines silverware at a scrap metal yard but it took me a few weeks to figure out what to make with it and when I went back it was all gone but two forks, which I think I still have.

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