UTD's Machine Shop 1


My son has to pickup some stuff at the machine shop.



I really like the idea of the server racking to hold electric/air etc.



So cool! How is he doing?



I think you mean cable trays, and you are absolutely right that is a fantastic idea



We are supposed to running all of our machine shop stuff into those cable trays, when we move. Makes things so much easier.



One up on that, at the last place I was at we had busses on the ceiling, they were fully enclosed save a slot at the bottom. If you needed more outlets you took a special electrical box and put it in the slot, rotating it to lock in place.

Basically, easy for us to add outlets when we got new equipment, 3 phase, split phase or single phase.

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He is loving it but the 3D program is kicking his ass. Modeling hands/faces in 3D is wicked hard.



You got that right. With things the brain extrapolates and decides it recognize it. With people we have exacting expectations about what the person should look like. I’ve been working on people modeling for awhile and have had more failures that successes. Some people have a knack for it. I’m not one.

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I work at a R&D lab for HVAC equipment. We use overhead busbar systems, makes it really easy to add power where we need it.

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That’s exactly it. Ours didn’t have the nice white covers…



I’ll share some screenshots when Jack is done. We will see if he has a touch with it or not.

That busbar system looks ideal!



They use bus duct pretty common. Many of my customers use it.

About 5 years ago one of them had it explode. This happened on about the 20th floor. It took them days to get the temporary wiring ran so the floors above it could have power.

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