Using the table saw safelya


It’s been about a year since I’ve used the tablesaw safely and, despite watching refresher videos I’d prefer if it someone was around to make sure I do doing everything correctly.

I think I just need to make two cuts, I need to reduce 4"x4" to 2.5"x2.5".

Does anyone know if they’ll be around early this afternoon or later this evening for the (hopefully) few minutes this should take?


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I’m attending the Entrepreneurs meeting from 7-8. I can help after if that timeframe works for you.

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Thanks Darrel, I can’t come until maybe 10 or so, maybe another day though?

Yeah sure! I’ll be there again for the Woodshop Committee tomorrow from 7:30-8:30. There’ll be several people including myself that would be able to help before or after the meeting.

Great, see you then!