Using the Fusion Rotary attachment correctly

So, when you use the rotary attachment you should set up job size based on the circumference of the item. So, if I have a glass with an 8" circumference and a 3" logo my job size would be 8 x 3. However, since we don’t change job sizes because we are all using the same profile and 100 x 100 job size it causes a problem.

Engraving with the rotary under our shared conditions I have found that where I actually engrave is almost directly under, and ~ 2 inches below, where it shows on the camera. I have figured out how to get around this by schootching the rotary attachment about 2 inches from the top left corner of the table after I spot the job using the camera and just plan on the item spinning around about 190 degrees from the top center.

Anyone know a better way to do this? Mine works, but sure is clunky.


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The Y axis should automatically adjust its zero to the center of the rotation axis based on the fact the rotary is attached; if it’s not then something was changed. You shouldn’t need to shift the unit down.

In terms of the X, the 0 mark should coincide with the 0 index on the rotary scale for the same reason.

If these aren’t changing I wonder if it’s a setting that may have become disabled.

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Epilog doesn’t recommend using the camera when rotary engraving (page 134 in the manual). The trace/frame function works to align the job but it does require sending the job to the laser before tracing.

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Ah I actually misread this anyway

Yeah the camera is a no-go for the rotary; unlike a flat bed, it has no concept of your piece’s circumference / height off the table to properly compensate

Using the rotary, I find using the engraving align function to work really well – this allows you to align to the actual artwork rather than the canvas.

When in x/y or “joystick” mode on the machine, you can set the “centering point”.

Then, when configuring your job, use the advanced tab to set the rotary setting and then use an alignment setting - I tend to use left/center and center/center. (Page 116 in the Fusion Manual)


Related to this: Someone posted this video ( in another Fusion thread, but the whole beginning of the video is about setting up the file in Coral (or similar program), to make sure the dimensions and positioning are correct for the item at hand. Its unclear to me how to translate this into our weird 100x100 rule, since I wouldn’t want to lose the pre-work. We covered the rotary in class but it seemed a bit fiddly to actually get the artwork in the proper size and such to make it look right on a curve, especially a larger graphic (which seems to be the purpose of the set up the guy does in Coral).

Havent thought of the align function, thanks for point that out. Will play around with it the next time I am up there

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