Using the expansion area for string alignment

I’m getting ready to do a string alignment on my Mini again (it’s been thousands of miles and lots of thrashing about in the mountains of Virginia since) and instead of taking up space in the automotive bay, is it permissible to pull into the expansion area and do it there? Only thinking of this because of how busy automotive can be and not wanting to monopolize a spot in the bay while someone else might need to perform more critical work. I have my own camber/caster/toe gauges.

I also don’t want to set the precedent for car work in that area before automotive has moved officially and there’s still so much going on, so asking here for permission. Timeline is TBD. Need to get some new string and find a good quiet night to get out to DMS.

Taken at the top of Grandfather Mountain in NC

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We have a portable alignment tool that we use for the race car. It is in a big black canvas bag on the shelf in Automotive.


Are there any tricks to using it? Can I use the expansion area?

technically no you shouldn’t do auto work in the expansion area.

that said, what you are doing is still car stuff so you have as much of a reason to take up a bay as I did doing an oil change last night. or the people doing dent pulling.

go for it.


There are instructions in the bag with it. seemed pretty simple the one time we used it. It is located on an upper shelf of the storage rack in Automotive.


@amesser @Know Did yall know?