Using Electronics Space

I was wondering if there were any classes required in order to use the electronics space?

Not for the vast majority of it. There are a few instruments that are kept in one of the cabinets (should be locked) that requires training or at least approval on, but anything out and about should be able to be used.

We just asked that if you are not 100% sure how to use something you ask for help instead of accidentally damaging it.

@ozindfw sometimes conducts “office hours” where he can answer questions, etc. Watch the calendar. Next one isn’t scheduled until Jan 9.

Okay great. Thank you. I have a follow up question. The small parts/components such as resistors and caps that are in the cabinet, are those open for use?

Within reason yes. They are there for helping test things and if you’re trying to fix one or two components. They are not really meant as a supply shop/more than a handful of components at a time.

(We do not go out of our way to buy those components, they are usually whatever’s donated and so on, so we may also not have what you’re looking for)

I’m not sure if it’s actually a rule, or just common practice by some people, but I’ve seen people donate a couple dollars at one of the kiosks if they take a handful of things.

The “rule” as I understood was: if it’s for you or a prototype, the components are free. If you’re producing items for sale, then you should pay for the parts you use.