Used Bandsaw Blades -Large/Resaw Bandsaw

I came in this afternoon and noticed the large bandsaw blade appeared to be dull. As I was unsure of the policy regarding replacement, I left it alone. There were a couple of blades hanging next to it, but I was uncertain of their status as to sharpness. I would have gladly changed the blade if I was certain of the policy, location of new blades, etc.

So my questions iare 1) How dull do they have to be to replace them? 2) Are the blades hanging on the wall sharp replacement blades? 3) what do we do with the used blades? @IanLee

If we are simply disposing of the dull blades I’ll collect them for blacksmithing purposes as they can be used to forge with other steels to make Damascus steel. (They are probably 15N20 steel)

Dull blades- use your best judgement. If the blade is done and just burning everything, it’s done. Toss it (or you’re welcome to keep it, just don’t leave it hanging on the rack.)

Hanging blades should all be sharp- when people hang dull ones back up I don’t always catch it when I do a quick inventory and so I don’t buy new blades until too late. If we dip to 1 blade for a saw, let me know and I’ll get more ordered.


Thank you Ian I’ll be in tomorrow night to collect the dull ones. Please put it somewhere I can get it or just take it to the blacksmithing area. I’ll change it out too if it hasn’t already been changed. Thanks


Thank you to whomever changed and collected the bandsaw blade from the resaw bandsaw and brought it to the blacksmiithing room for me to pick up. I collected it last night before my blacksmithing class.

Perhaps in the future it will be used to make some damascus steel or it can be used to make a pretty nice knife just by itself.

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Jesus and I changed the blade, Patrick walked it over. It was a team effort.

I also put a 3/8" blade in the blacksmith shop. Both blades were made at Dallas Saw and Supply in FB. They could probably tell you what kind of steel they used.

Thank you for the info and the blades. I appreciate it very much.