Updating the tools list


The wiki tools list currently lists all the blacksmithing tools inside the Metal Shop category.

If someone can tell me which tools on that list belong to Blacksmithing, I will move them to their own category.


KMG grinder and the first 3 items under “Forges and Furnaces” (the propane forge picture probably needs to be updated)


I have moved those items. If you want the propane forge updated, just get me the information (or you’re welcome to update it yourself).

EDIT: I forgot the KMG grinder. It will be there in five minutes.
EDIT2: Done.


Thank you for doing this!


Excellent work!
Very excited to (finally!) break Blacksmithing out into its own physical space. Now, for that “lean to” on the side of the building so we have semi-covered forging area…


As a post-expansion item, we asked Blacksmithing to investigate a retractable awning. It clearly needs landlord approval and we will need photos and drawings to get that approval. But it’s worth at least asking the question.