Update : the Smusher! (Need welding time / teaching)

Hey y’all! It’s been a few months and I thought I would give an update. Plenty of new stuff going on. I have yet to actually start welding or building anything at the site but the day is coming for sure. I’ve settled on a design using a mechanical yoke and some simple bar grating. Hoping to be welding some stuff together by next month so I’ll be looking for some help. I had to continue to work on design but now I’m comfortable enough with the plans to start piecing it together.

I just want to also say how wonderful it is to see all the stuff going on. This is such a fantastic community. Cheers y’all!

Let us know what you need. Be happy to help you with welding and fabrication.

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Name checks out :sweat_smile:. Send me a DM I suppose if that’s possible? Would be great to get with you before thanks giving. I can pickup the supplies at metal super markets and meet you there?

All the best!

I’m back in town and will be at the space tomorrow night. I can’t DM but feel free to text me.

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