Upcoming Midori Cover with Tooling classes

Shelly Osborne (@so_creative on Talk) will be starting up an exciting series of classes on July 1st; a multi-class series on tooling and dying a Midori Style Notebook.

From the description:

Course One: Beginning with a simple 8.5x11 line drawing, the lesson will cover sketching 2 tall pine trees in the foreground, a stream and river banks that trail off into the midground and become lost in a long mountain range. The sky will be tooled into clouds and an imaginary “Moon” hanging out somewhere in your background.

Once the line art is established, the class will trace to vellum and transfer to the cased and bordered leather, their design.
Following the pressed image with the swivel blade, the students’ book cover will soon be ready to pound into a more fleshed out scene.

Lesson 2 will go over coloring/dye/staining your book cover.

There are many things to discuss before we slather your image in colors. We will cover what I have learned first hand in this stage of the project and how to avoid pitfalls in the process.

There are also work days planned by the instructor.

Part 1: https://calendar.dallasmakerspace.org/events/view/12939
Workday 1: https://calendar.dallasmakerspace.org/events/view/12941
Part 2: https://calendar.dallasmakerspace.org/events/view/12943
Workday 2: https://calendar.dallasmakerspace.org/events/view/12944


I’ll advertise the class on facebook! Shelly has done a lot of behind the scenes work to make it a terrific class, so I highly recommend it.


Recommending some pics (unless you want only people who KNOW what “Midori Leather Book Coverings” are…) of instructor’s work, if possible, or generic work otherwise…
This looks really neat…


I’m not sure it we have any pics. I know that this class has been taught before, but not by Shelly. If we do let me know and I’ll add them to the facebook post.

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Shelly @so_creative has been working hard to make a sample piece, but has also been quite conscientious about figuring out how to present the class(es) in an appropriate manner.

Thinking can be quite distracting, you know?

That said, I’ve already signed up.


Its a long class, and I love that she’s taking on the challenge of teaching something so cool.


Just signed up! One big leatherwork weakness of mine is tooling so this should be good.

Also, I think I noticed that 3 of the 4 classes may not have a size limit. May need to work with a calendar admin to get that sorted out.


Good morning all!

Thank you for the post @jnorine, nice surprise today! At 2am I finished the sample tooling on an A5 cover for my sketch book. I used half of the practice image on the back flap AND I took pics! (No snark here but yes my leather not space leather…:alien:)

I would like to add it here and had planned on doing an advertisement like this on talk, but you did it much better, so I thank you again!

Are phone photos still only showing bullet points in the class listings?

I hope to see you at the class. I think I made a class size mistake on day one, but I’m not worried, if there are more than 5 that day we will get them all done!


Oh! All work days have no limit, we will discuss in class. And if you sign up to Class one go through and pick both Fridays and one Class 2 day.

The Friday times are Events, so that there is plenty of hand break time. You’ll see :gloves::blush:

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Are we able to sketch our own design?

This particular class has a preset design, so that all the texture tools I will be going over are the same. The lesson for the class is about how to make the pine trees and mtns.

If this is popular enough I’d be willing to host a being your own design another time.

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Good idea (common preset design).

Yeah, once I signed up, my mind started going on ideas for designs, but this is the same deal I have to do for wire jewelry classes.

In those, we all need to do exactly the same thing because every little variable introduced (everyone has different stone), it’s shocking how much it dramatically drags down the pace of the class and can cause it to go way over time. (Ahem) Yeah. Now I respond with, “We all do the same in class, then go nuts on your next project.” :slight_smile:

Plus this is a cool design that I can see incorporates variety of textures and techniques

This whole class seems very nicely planned and thought out. The work days are extra nice for those of us that are sloooow. :slight_smile: Kudos.