Upcoming lathe basics class

I just submitted 2 lathe basics classes. 1 is Sunday 2/18 @ 2pm and the other will be tuesday 2/20 @ 7pm. They should be available for registration on Wednesday

If there is additional interest in more classes, im happy to schedule more.

Im also going to add some project specific classes. Thinking basic and advanced pen making classes initially. Let me know if there is something specific youd like

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I am definitely interested in the pen making classes.

Great. Ill be submitting the first couple of them Monday, so they should be available mid week

Hopefully the pen making class doesn’t fill up before I can complete the Lathe safety class.

I put 2 intro pen classes on schedule. If they fill up I will put additional intro classes on schedule. I’ve also got a few other more advanced classes that I’ll put up soon

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Will you be doing more lathe classes soon? Didn’t see this post till just now.

I’m interested in turning a shift knob for my car, I’ve got wood blanks for it already.

Hi. I submitted 4 classes earlier today. 1 intro class and 3 pen classes. As long as there is interest, I’ll keep doing the intro classes