Upcoming Bridgeport Classes?


Any idea when the next Bridgeport class is? i would love to have access to it before the end of march. Are we needing more instructors for this particular machine?


There are now several members involved in Bridgeport classes. David Kessinger has been holding classes every couple of months or so, I started doing some last year, Malcolm taught one in November and Matt is interested to try teaching it in January. I doubt that any will be scheduled before Jan 1st, but I would be surprised if non were scheduled before March 1st. Keep in mind that the Machine Shop will be experiencing the turmoil and downtime of moving to the new area next door between now and then.


thanks @BobKarnaugh
I start my senior engineering design in January and it will run through December. having access to the machine shop over the summer is a big goal.


Yes. Always. Is that an offer to teach? :blush:


Sure is I know the basics of a knee mill. But I’m not checked out on that particular bridge port. I would be willing to do a couple classes a month on it if u get me up to speed.



I am getting ready to schedule January classes for Bridgeport. It will be a roll out of the self study and quiz pass being a prerequisite for the machine side class (Part II).
If you attend, not only will you get qualified on the mill, but will be exposed to the experience of teaching the Bridgeport class.



@BobKarnaugh thanks so much. Im already taking Haas part 1 and two plus the machine lecture series by Nick so I’ll be sure to sign up for the Bridgeport stuff also