UPC Bar Codes - Buy American Made Products

Do you want to buy American made products only? Was the product made in China? In Taiwan? Just because the distributor is in the USA does not mean the product was made here.

It is easy to find out if you look at the first couple numbers of the UPC Bar Code.

If the first 2 numbers are 00 to 09, then the product was made in the USA or Canada.

First UPC Bar Code numbers for other countries are:
00 to 09 - Made in USA and Canada
30 to 37 - Made in France
40 to 44 - Made in Germany
471 - Made in Taiwan
49 - Made in Japan
50 - Made in United Kingdom
690 to 692 - Made in China

Help out the American economy, buy USA and Canadian made products…look for the leading “0” in the UPC Bar Code.


To bring this down a bit, I’m afraid…
GS1 (the defining standard for many “UPC” codes) more correctly identifies the country where the company who made the product is based…sort of…

Thanks for the correction plus the list of other countries.

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I go out of my way to buy American if I can. I do look before I buy it to see if it’s American made.

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I try to, as well, but it seems like it’s getting harder and harder to tell these days…