Unisex restrooms

I’m not sure what is being planned but is it possible to make the restroom opening into the flex area and also the restroom opening into the common room both unisex restaurants? My reasoning is this otherwise you have got the badge in and out to go to the restroom this is not been a major problem since it’s easy to cut through what will be the are the ladies working in the back doing the Sun. As one of our older members who is on diuretics I need since I am one of our older members who is on diuretics I have a need sometimes to go to the restroom I will have I need to go to the restroom fairly quickly. In fact I even asked I haven’t the badge in and out if well short of a headache

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My feelers say the Board is not completely opposed to changing the 2 single-user restrooms into Unisex. Are you volunteering to make some cool-ass signs to be mounted on the doors informing everyone of the status of said room if they clear the Board vote I presume is necessary (which requires the bigger deal of getting it onto a BoD meeting agenda…)?

Of course it’s the Board’s decision, but that would make the site non-ADA compliant. There must be at least one male-specific ADA-compliant restroom (or stall) and at least one female-specific ADA-compliant restroom (or stall).

As part of the construction process we are required by the State of Texas to pass a two-part compliance audit for TAS (Texas Accessibility Standards). (TAS is a mirror image of the Federal ADA requirements). The first part, which we have completed, is an audit of our plans to ensure they comply with TAS. The second part is a physical inspection when the construction is (majorly) completed. If we are non-compliant at the time of the physical inspection they can require us to bring any deficiencies up to compliance.


The last time I looked we had a men’s bathroom upfront off the new main lobby and two men’s I will be honest my bladder is not going to allow me to get from the jewelry of the party Pottery area clear out to the front of the building. If I can cut through the what classroom and use the one off the common room I can likely make it but otherwise my handicapped one of I will not I will not be able to spend as much time at the I’m having some trouble figuring out because that’s what we have right now we have Four Mile two female and one unisex that seems

I believe both of the back bathrooms in the expansion area are both wheelchair-accessible and also their large enough that someone could get someone in a wheelchair that seems

Does it really need a new designation and sign? If the door is unlocked just use it.


I think I can speak for most ladies most of us are hesitant to walk into a restroom that is marked men. I’ve done it I’ve had to do it at times. But usually when women do it it will be several women basically just taking over a man’s room for a short. Of time I know it’s happened at Denton Arts & Jazz when the line for the ladies room was 50 people

It’s a single-seat restroom with a locking door. It’s that or it’s time for Depends.


This article backs up what John* says.

I have 3 questions:

  1. Have ADA guidelines been updated to the “new, inclusive” normal we have always practiced?
  2. Unisex bathrooms meet both criteria
  3. What is the penalty for having inclusive bathrooms?
    We need to support our members first vs some archaic definition
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Unisex rooms offer several advantages one they offer an advantage to anyone who is handicap and needs the aid of another person and they offer an advantage for anyone who is in transition excellent. I don’t see the I don’t I downside chosen them and I never have understood those that oppose them politically especially when it’s a single-stall room

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They oppose them because it is a transphobic dog whistle. Claiming that trans women are just creepy men trying to peep on little girls and women is the point. It’s gross. Unfortunately it’s not really an issue of convincing people with rational debate