Unable to use Upload & Print 3D

Hello 3D Fad enthusiast,

I’m not unable to upload and print a gcode file on the Octoprint. Had a couple of other people try to help but no luck. Do I need to have a login for the OctoPrint to use the Polyprinters? I have taken the course multiple of times along with my kids. I’ve never had to use a login in for the Octoprint, but been awhile since I printed here at DMS. What could I be doing wrong?

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Andy Benagh

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Someone should be able to help you

Right now only one computer is able to upload to octoprint, and that’s the old workstation in the far corner of 3d fab where the windows meet the wall. The other workstations can’t yet because the committee still hasn’t worked with me to get them finished yet.


Andy - you should obfuscate your phone number in the public-facing areas of Talk, lest you get even more spam calls than you do now. Like change the last part to “thirty-one-hundred” so web crawlers can’t capture your number.

Thanks, got it working. Sorry for back grammar in my first sentence, lol.

Nobody’s gonna mind if I print a few signs saying this and post them, right? I just spent a little over an hour trying to figure out what my printing issues were before finally stumbling onto this post :slight_smile:

(In my defense, there was a “known issue” login problem once upon a time with a documented fix – instructions for which are still on Talk! – so it took me a second to get from “this is a printer issue” to “this is a software issue.” “Knowing” the old fix was more a hurdle than a help – and so the story goes…)


Go for it; I’m just stuck waiting on @Team_3D_Fab to finish setting up the new workstations

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Thank you for the advice :slight_smile: