Unable to log onto the 3d print computer station

Hello all. I was attempting to start up the programs to load some 3d print files in the makerspace, and the computer gave me a weird error about my attempt to log in.

I’ve not used the makerspace printers since 2019, so the problem might be related and I need to regain access. If so, how do I go from here? I’d like to get started on my project.

Thank you for your assistance.

What was the weird error?

The computer said to contact the admin. I was able to log into the computers in the center common room.

Certain computers in specific areas are only allowed to be used by people who have already passed the class for that area.

The 3D Fab computers are set up this way, unless you have already taken the online class and passed with the 100% you are not able to use the computers in that room. You should be able to log into any of the computers in the common room or computer lab though.

So I’m assuming that my previous class and access were removed then? Fair enough. I’ll sign for a new class.

You can look at you permissions at:

It’s possible, it’s also possible that the computers were just glitching out- but less likely.

In the link that Oz shared, check that you have the group that’s exact “3D Printer Basics” - If you do not, you can take the online course at learn.dallasmakerspace.org you must pass with 100%.

We did have a little bit of network downtime the other day due to some maintenance, sometimes the computers glitch out and don’t re-hook up until a full reboot - so there is also a chance it was just glitched out.