Unable to attend class & couldn't cancel


Hello Matt,
I’m scheduled to attend your leather sewing machine class at 7pm today, but I’m unable to attend due to work. I was unable to cancel last night and wanted to let you know so that someone else can have my spot.

Thank you,
Jeremy Comeaux


No worries, Jeremy! Thanks for letting me know. Hope to see you in the next class!


That is because the class was set up with a 1 day cancellation deadline.


Ah. Some thoughts here. That 1 Day cancellation thing sounds fine, and it probably will only have a small effect right now when it’s easy to fill the class. You just had one person who suddenly couldn’t come. In the future, if your class hasn’t filled, then the 1-Day thing also means that people can’t sign up on that last day.

I usually go with no cancellation, and 30-min after for possible signups. I’ve been teaching the same stuff for long enough that sometimes classes don’t fill before the last minute.