Turning SIG - The Rebootening

Hello Fellow Woodturners,

Last I checked I was the Turning SIG leader from right before pandemic and its high time we have a meeting and schedule a vote for new leadership. Whilst I am willing to continue, I am also open to having someone else lead the group for a bit.

The purpose of this thread is to get some feedback on times for a meeting, so if you are interested please let me know here what days and times are good for you and I will try to get something on the books soon for a meeting.

For the show and tell portion I would just say bring something you made during the pandemic, so no specific theme.


I was just thinking about the wood turning sig. I’m down for a meet but I’m only really available on a Friday or Saturday. Cheers!

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@dwolf @prl2018 @Andy @job4goodman


@SIG_Wood-Turning still exists, owned by Lordrook & Paul:
No idea if the other 13 people in there are still interested, but they might weigh in, now summoned…


Still interested in the SIG but not entirely sure how active I’ll be. Been giving most of my spare time to Ceramics right now.

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Fantastic, thanks!

If anyone wants to be added to the SIG group for tag notifications, let me know and I will add you.

Hi, I am a retired Industrial arts teacher and AAW member.
Past president of our old woodturning club in Lubbock.

I Would rather make stuff in the shop than mess with computers.

The AAW is a great resource and has a giant symposium in Chattanooga soon. They have a free trial membership.


I ride bikes when I can and raise money for important causes. Please consider a donation if you know anyone with any MS issue.

Hello. I am the founder of the Dallas chapter- although I haven’t participated in years. I’ve also demonstrated at several of the national symposia. Come join us!

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Count me in.

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Weekends would work best for me - Evening road construction and rolling blockades have made weekday evenings a mess for getting home. Thanks for doing this Steve!


How does Saturday the 25th sound to everyone?


I’m in… And 10 :blush:

I’m in also.

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I’m teaching a 6 hour class but happy to see the reboot and will catch the next one

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I have set up the class for next saturday the 25th at 12:30


Please note that it will take 2 days for the item to post.

Also of special interest is I will be doing a Ring class that morning before the meeting, so if you are interested keep an eye peeled for Monday afternoon to register. Then after the meeting Paul will also be teaching a class. Lots of fun turning things that day!

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The reTurn of the SIG!


My ring class for Saturday morning is up if anyone wants to take it.


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