Tungsten Electrode Size?

Can anyone tell me what size tungsten electrodes I need for the big Lincoln TIG welder? I also used the last two aluminum welding rods so I bought more. I’ll leave some next time I’m there.

I’m not sure if this is “the big Lincoln TIG welder” or not, but here is the wiki entry on the Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200:


Included in it is a link to a talk page Malcolm made regarding consumables, including size and type information, as well as his opinion regarding its suitability for various activities.

The standard should be 3/32. I think we may have 1/16 as well

Thanks, I did look first and unfortunately that is the small welder, not the large one and wasn’t sure if they used the same consumables.

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Thanks, Tim. I assume there is just a different sized collet for the two sizes? Where would those be kept? I do have a box of 1/16. Also, blue or red?

I think the confusion is you listed it as a lincoln TIG. We only have one of these units and it’s a small one.

We do, however, have the large Miller synchrowave 250 transformer TIG, and the small but powerful Miller Dynasty 280 DX inverter unit.

Hmm, what’s the one on the floor next to the Miller MIG that’s currently hooked up to the large Argon tank? Maybe it is a Miller, rather than a Lincoln and I am confused there. Also, I looked up the answer to my own question about red vs blue rods.

Also didn’t notice this link: Requesting a Welding Safety Course

Answers my questions, heh.