Training CNC Haas


I apologize if I have missed any recent Haas courses but would like to reach to to see if there is any planned training or if anyone would be willing to train me?

I have completed the Bridgeport training and have CNC experience through work on Haas, Mazak, Fadal machines and hope I can be a help to the shop.


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The Machine Shop meeting is next Saturday at 5pm. You might show up to that and you should be able to talk to folks.

@GustavRohlfs, currently our instruction on the HAAS is extremely limited due to COVID. The instructor has a significant other whom is on the high risk list. Given those who have experience a head start, you can do the domino. We have done any dominos since the F360 fiasco, so that may present some issues since F360 will not allow tool changers without a subscription. Best case is to show up this Saturday for the committee meeting to discuss in person with those of us who run the HAAS.