Tour request 2/6/24

My name is Suzanne McGregor. My dad William Rowe and I are hoping for a tour today after we finish doctor appointment that is scheduled for 10:45 so not sure when we will finish. Would it be possible to set up a tentative appointment for noon?

Please post your name, your need(s), and a couple of days & times that will work with your schedule to help our volunteers meet your need.

My name is (John Smith):
I need (pre-joining tour to check out the equipment):
Days/times that are best for me (Mondays after 7PM):

Ah. While there are people around in the mornings, they’re generally not on Talk, or at least not on Talk that early. And, while I’m monitoring Talk, I’m not currently at DMS.

If you wanted to take a chance, go to the front door and ring the doorbell. If you’re lucky, there will be someone in the Common Room or 3D Fab. Those areas can hear the doorbell. If nobody shows up at the door in 3-4 minutes, then you weren’t lucky. Maybe someone will jump in for the Monday after 7 pm.