Tour Request 10/23-25

Hi all, my name is Jared,

I’d love a (pre joining tour to check out the space), if possible around 3:30 Mon-Weds 10/23-25. I’m particularly interested in the Automotive area, as well as 3D fab.

Thank y’all!

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I can’t get there that early but will be at the space from 5:30pm-10ish monday night

I can’t make it that late this week, thank you for the offer though!

Sorry I cant get there that early during the work week, My wifes schedule changed at the last minute so we were able to have dinner together tonight, which is rare, so worked out better for me not to give a tour today.

Keep trying, someone usually steps up to meet people who cant come saturdays. If you are in the area anyway you can try ringing the front doorbell or knocking at one of the doors by the back docks.

When you eventually get around to metalshop projects look me up. Im usually here monday nights


Thank you so much Randy! I’m sure I’ll find the chance. I make a long commute from Denton to Richardson so it works out best for me to come by around that time.

I stopped by on my way home from work last week but didn’t know about the forums at the time, nor that the front entrance was having construction work done. Is the doorbell/front entrance accessible now?

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The front door is usable again.

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