Tour of maker space

I would like to take a tour.
Is there a time available this week?

Please let me know.
Thank you

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I can give a tour at noon today

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Sorry that won’t work for me.
Could we do anything after 5;00pm tomorrow or any other day?

Wed or Thurs after 5 might work. If it rains i can do a tour if not Ill be on a bike ride one or both of those nights. I won’t know until during each day if im riding that night

Someone mention that tours are are open to everyone on Thursday at 7pm.
Is that correct?

We are not offering open Thursday Night tours rn due to covid, volunteer run.

BTW, I would like to thank those handling the one-to-one tour requests!


Ok, thank you.

Ok, please let me know.

Okay – Tuesday. How much after 5pm? I mean, I’ll probably be here all evening…

I could get there at 5pm.

Would that work for you?

Yes. Come to the North Entrance (it’s the one with the sign) and ring the bell. I should be there shortly thereafter. If you using GPS, put in Suite 102.

Ok, thank you.

I’m here.
At Suite 102