Tour, Lessons, and Training

Hello, I am planning on becoming a member and I am interested in getting a tour of Dallas Makerspace, How do I sign up for the tour?

I am also interested in learning about 3D printing and CNC machines at Dallas Makerspace. Who do I contact for lessons and training?

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Asking here will help connect you to a volunteer; throwing out a couple of days/times might help make that connection.

Primary training for 3D printing is online, for members; I’m not sure if @themitch22 and the 3D fab committee do many “community” trainings…

What kind of CNC Machines? We have lasers, lathes, mills, plasma cutters, 3D printers, etc. Training will be per committee.

We had one one on one 3D printer basics class but not a lot of volunteers including myself are able to commit. 3D fab is self-training currently at

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Thanks for the information! Is only available to members because I am not able to log into it.

Yes, members only.