Tour Guide Sign Up 11-14-19

Come help this Thursday with tour night! We need tour guides. Let me know below if you can help. You will be DMS famous!


I should be available. I’ll be out in FW for a meeting that afternoon, but should be back in plenty of time.

As a side note: If you’re interested in giving tours, but don’t know what you’d say to people, PLEASE feel free to tag along on one, and I’ll get you in the know as to what I cover so that you can give back to DMS as well!


I got out of the habit of browsing the calendar when it had multiple tens of events each day.

I just noticed that the tour night is not listed…

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Already messaged admin etc

Previous example

Now I understand: the volunteer who used to post those no longer can.

The more cracks we have, the more things fall into them…


I’ll be around 7 or so; can either give tours or, assuming there isn’t existing work going on, prep some demos in the metal shop (dynatorch etc)

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Any reason you decided to come post about it not being there rather than just putting up an entry for it?

So I hate to say it, but I’m out for today’s tours.

I’ll be in to help with badges

On the very slight chance it may be intentional. But mostly because Membership Services or PR needed to be aware it was not being covered.

It would have been just as easy to put it up and notify us after the fact so we put it on our going forward to do list.

There was an outside chance that you knew you were going to be short on guides, so you did not want a huge turnout…