Tool Side lesson for the Knee Mills

Hey there, My name is Tucker Abbott, I joined the makerspace yesterday after a tour. I have done the online self study portion already, and I talked with @Tres0422 a little bit about what I would need to get access for the mill. I am wondering if anyone is available to help me out with the tool side portion of the lesson, or when the next machine shop meeting is planned.
Thanks, Tucker

Welcome Tucker!

Tucker came in on Saturday and is a knife maker. He’s 18 and looking to cut tangs on some knife blade blanks. I recommended 1) that he take the online training for the bridgeports 2) he picks up some 3/16 4 flute endmills and 3) reaches out to the tool-side trainers, as I am not certified to train. My girlfriend states that I am not trainable.

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I will probably schedule a Bridgeport Mill class for March 25, a Saturday, in the afternoon prior to the machine shop committee meeting. Normally such a class will appear on the events calendar more than a week in advance of the class date.