Tool request 2023/11/18

This is the tool we need for cutting slip-cast objects out of the mold without scarring the mold:

I notice that we get the first price break if we order 6. Given that I’m setting my classes for 6, that seems like serendipity. I looked at the Trinity website, and they don’t seem to have these.

I’m going to leave this here to remind myself. As I start thinking about slip casting, we also need some of the big rubber bands. I’ll check on things, and give Trinity a call before we should order these.

I bought a bunch of plastic tools for slip cast molds, they are in the teachers cabinet. They worked great when I taught the class.

Did you complete the glazes needed list?


Still chewing through. I am up to 50, so I’ll just spot check the last 17 and let you know the full list tomorrow.

Ok…. I’ll only be able to purchase about 12 at a time so let me know what we need first and then less important.

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C1 Obsidian
C10 Snow
C20 Cobalt - 2 would be good. Almost empty on the shelf, and none in the cabinet.
PC23 Indigo Float
PC29 Deep Olive Speckle
PC31 Oatmeal
PC33 Iron Lustre
PC61 Textured Amber

These are all so close, I’m not sure if we need all of them.
C3 Smoke
C19 Glacier
C22 Fog
C25 Downpour

There are a few others that don’t have a back-stock, but they don’t look like they get heavy usage.

Ok… I’ll order these today. I believe two on your list are discontinued but I’ll let you know for sure after I order what I can.

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The items checked were ordered. None of these were discontinued.


These went out for use the others are in the cabinet

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