Tool Offsets adjusted

I was in today so I went ahead and checked the tool offsets and made necessary adjustments.
Tool 3 was not in it’s slot and the tool offset was set to 1" which is no where near right. As a reminder the tools have their offsets set as part of our standard library of tools. If you have to change them, begin by taking a picture of the current offsets. you are expected to put them back as part of the cleanup. Usage is logged so I know who moved stuff. Bad offsets lead to crashes so put it back the way you found it!


Far be it from me to point fingers…not that far…but a user that risks such extensive damage to the HAAS should get more than I know who you are? That’s not the Nick I’ve come to know, if, in fact, this really is Nick. LOL. Seriously, I’m figuring you followed up appropriately, and it need not be posted here, but if not…sic ‘em.

Better - I control the access. which means I can remove it if the problem persists.


When I was using it a week or so back, the offsets were “off” but by a couple thou, not by inches. I was using tool 3 and 4 iirc (0.25 rougher and 0.25 finisher). With us having a couple new HAAS users, feel free to PM team HAAS and we’ll get them the training that seem to need.

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you are correct, the adjustments were mere thousandths but I feel they are closer now. tool 3 was missing. Come to think of it, I may have put the wrong tool in. There was a 1/8" endmill in the holder on the table and I assumed it was it. I’ll check it again when I go in on Tuesday. cheers!


Solved! 234

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I retract my call for severe punishment!:grinning:

T3 was broken 2 weeks ago, most likely the result of damage it sustained when it came loose in the toolholder (grub screw backed out a bit/came loose) prior. I removed the tool from the crib at that time and I let Tim and Charles know. If I recall correctly Charles ordered a replacement, but I’m not sure if/when it was delivered. In the interim I installed a personal 1/2" rougher in T3 incase anyone needed that tool/size, and so I could continue my project. I pulled my tool out the other day so the new one could have it’s rightful spot when it came in, and cleared offsets, I must have fumbled a key, so mea culpa.

ok, thanks. If a rougher is not available we can use one of the multitude of 1/2 regrinds. A 2 flute should substitute for now.

We should have the replacement by now. We ordered 2 of them.

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I ordered two rougher. finishing tools turned up. The correct tool should arrive this week.

Are trainings back to running?
I keep looking for available trainings to get certified to use the machine.
But my understanding is that there is no current trainings for a lack of trainers.

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We’ve had the train the trainers event, but currently the trainers are getting comfortable running the machine enough to teach the class.

I can’t speak to the other potential trainers, but the last time I was using the HAAS I made a pretty big screw up with offsets and crashed the machine (it’s fine, Tim and Chris W checked it).

I don’t know when I’ll be ready, but as soon as I am I promise I’ll set up a class.


Since I was in today -
I’ve put a 1/2" endmill in T3 to substitute for the 1/2 roughing one.
I would like to know what happened to the original since that is a tough one to break.
If a replacement comes in I’ll come in and set the tool offset. this needs to be set in
standard library way rather than as a dynamic tool. cheers!

Thank you for taking the time to get trained! and for updating me on the teams progress.
When you have an ETA for classes please let us know!


There was an impact mark at the joint between the shank and flutes. The break was just below it.

The roughing mill has been replaced. The offset has not been since the vise is out of commission.
Additionally myself and Charles discovered the tool shuttle door has not been in service for what appears to be some time. We will work on that part as time permits.


I do not need the vise to set the tool offset to what’s needed for the library.
I’ll be in the area today so I’ll stop by and take care of it if I can find the tool.

it’s in station 3

thank you