Tonight's breadboard class

I signed up for tonight’s Breadboard class, but got an email saying I’d receive a response once the teacher saw it to confirm. I havn’t seen one yet, is the class full?


Mark Salas @Mrksls2 is the teacher for that class. I tagged him here : hopefully he’ll see and respond.

You might also check your spam folder.

Did you sign up and pay on Eventbrite? I think if you paid on Eventbrite you will be good to go.

I mark the events as full either the day of the event or when the tickets sell out on Eventbrite, whichever happens first. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the integration with Eventbrite and the Dallas Makerspace calendar system, sometimes I get more people registering for the event through the calendar system than are actually able to attend. The class description says there are only six spots available for each event, but I am unable to set that limit on the calendar system. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but I plan on scheduling this class at least two times every weekend for the foreseeable future. I will also be teaching the DMS woodshop 1-4 classes the weekend of the 25th. Please check the DMS calendar often, and make sure to purchase a ticket for any event that is hosted by Eventbrite.