Tile Saw for sale

Got a lot of good use out of this and there’s still a lot of use left in it, just needs a new home.

$30 delivered to the Space!


Also have 2 propane tanks (BBQ size) I’d trade for a couple of boxes of Ores

Is that next to the base of an outdoor pizza oven?

Pizza Oven not included…

Wait…you built a pizza oven??? :astonished: That would be so fun to build!

fun to eat too


Beautiful!!! How hard was it to build? Did you use some specific plans? I’d love to build one!

no real plan just a simple hand drawing. easy design. if I were to to it again I would use a double layer of bricks on the floor

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So how are you managing keeping the neighbors away?

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That bush next to the oven is named Audrey.


I saw that cut out for wood and knew what that was. So damn jelly!

Love your design by the seat of the pants. Seen too many meticulous builds that just plain wear you out.

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Easier to just invite them, got two trained to cook the pizza so I can just sit back and enjoy…


The bush that was next to the oven is now called Ash


Best one I’ve seen is a Guy that build a Platform and then piles sand on, covers it with mud. When the mud dries he makes a small fire to cure it, then cooks in it until it falls apart and starts over again…


Maybe we should start a pizza oven making thread! I didn’t mean to hijack your tile saw post. :grimacing: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: