TIG Welding Gas Cylinder


So I wanted to do a bit of TIG welding today and came in to the shop with the leads reversed on the LE TIG welder. Furthermore, the gas cylinder was open - TIGHT OPEN - because whomever used the machine before me did not know the whole lefty-loosy / righty-tighty mantra.

Essentially, each time the welder was sparked, it was blowing gas into the atmosphere by the person using it as a stick welder.

I had used the TIG welder a few days ago and the cylinder was mostly full (~2000 PSI). Today, I only welded a tiny section of the project I had because it was sugaring badly… the gauges would show a pressure drop to almost nothing and a slow build up after the valve on the LE closed again… not sure that’s what it’s supposed to do, but it certainly wasn’t working the way it was a few days ago.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go through and do a full diagnostic as someone else was already in line to use one of the other welders so I didn’t want to be in his way. I’m out of town until next week and can’t check anything else at this point. Hopefully someone else can take a quick look.

This is the link to the Issue about the tank being near empty: Issue - TIG Gas LE square wave 200

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Thanks for the information. Nobody should be using it as a stick welder. Looks like I’m going to have to start looking through the video.



It was up and running yesterday (monday) at 5pm ish when I left it. Tank was left at 700PSI or so, and I left it open for the next guy who started welding with it as I left.



I was that next guy.

Pretty damn sure I closed the tank as I remember watching the gauges.

I definitely didn’t touch the leads.

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Was it welding ok for you?



I mean.

As well as possible given my skill level, which is effectively 0.