TIG welding assistance please

Looking for someone to help me weld up the ends of a number (12) of steel cable sections for making cable Damascus. Willing to bribe people with food / half-gallon growler of beer (you can keep the growler, but per new rules the contents must be consumed off-site) / a couple of the sections. Open to negotiations. I’ll be up at the space Friday night for the resin class, but can meet you pretty much any night after 7:00 PM.

(I’ve taken the TIG class, my skills just suck)

Thank you,

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Does it have to be TIG or would MIG work as well?

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Not sure. We can test with MIG, I can heat it and twist and see if the welds pop. I know that TIG held, but willing to test the process.

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When are the welding classes? I’ve been trying to take one for two years. Don’t seem to ever see one on the calendar.



All of the above. Welding 101

So I’m currently contemplating doing MIG on Sunday 11/24. Start the afternoon with the safety class, and then follow with MIG. Now that we’ve got a few more teachers, @malcolmputer isn’t doing the blow-out Every Thing In One Day (maybe once a month if y’all were lucky), so the classes are more spread-out.

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I need welding 101 as well. I did the Safety class today. Also willing to pay someone for 2 hours assistance to weld two octagons. They will be made from 1 x 2 14# steel tubing and approx. 36" wide.

I am very interested, but need something sooner if possible. Not sure if TIG or MIG but will need to weld 1 x 2" steel, 14# tubing.

I used MIG on my cable Damascus attempts: worked fine and you’ll lose the ends regardless.

You might also want to weld on a beefy rebar handle on one end. It makes working with the billet much easier. Thicker is better: more attachment makes it less likely to wear and break.

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Update to my request:
@malcolmputer was kind enough to walk me through the process and give me pointers on what I need to do. He welded a section as a demonstration, and guided me through welding another one. Just 10 more pieces to go.

Seriously though, a HUGE thank you to Malcolm for his assistance and patience. Now to see if I can replicate the results after a few days.