Thunder Lasers Fixed! 5/21

The blower that provides ventilation for the Thunder Lasers is currently down, meaning that all 3 thunder lasers are inoperable until it gets fixed. We’ve currently diagnosed at least one bad part in the electrical systems, which we hope to have replaced by tomorrow afternoon. This will hopefully bring the Thunder Lasers up, but until that happens the Fusion is the only working laser we have.

I’ll update this thread as we know more.

Chris V.


Since it’s unrelated to the exhaust system, is Zing working?

FWIW, there are signs posted. You can’t read them in the camera, but I would guess that when it’s fixed the signs will be removed and their absence should be notable.


EDIT: I added another sign …



I always forget about the zing. Yeah the song is also up.

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Is there any update on when the lasers might be up?

The blower that does the ventilation for the thunders is messed up beyond what we thought so we’ve put in an order for a new one. It’ll probably be a few days for it to come in.

Until we get it the thunders are gonna be down. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Order has been placed for a new fan.


Is there anyone in the group willing to help navigate the epilog? I have the fundamentals down but don’t have access to that machine and have a project on a tight timeline; feel free to call if possible, 248-767-3886

  • Sean


Do we have a guess on how long it will take to come in? Just trying to plan for the delay for my current customer orders. Thanks.

this is the issue with relying on community use tools. you can’t always keep those deadlines.


As soon as I have a shipping number with an estimated delivery date I’ll let the thread know. I’m still cautiously optimistic for late this week although in truth early next is looking more likely.


If your deadline is super tight, there are a couple other makerspaces in the metroplex you may be able to join short term to get your stuff done.

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That’s a good idea, I reached to a FB laser group but if I’m unsuccessful I might just do this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Lewisville public library also

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Tracking Number says that the estimated delivery date is this Friday the 20th. So we should have it in time for the maintenance day at the very latest. If it comes in early friday we might even have it up before then.

Thank you everyone for your patience.

Chris V.


Thanks @cvrana !!

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Clarifying question. When you say “maintenance day”, to what day do you refer?

Probably this: Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar