Thor "table" and some characters

@HankCowdog – where did you buy that table for the Thor? I remember that it wasn’t exact. Someone took it off, and after it kicked around the room for a while, it vanished.

Bummer. This might be a problem.

A man named Uwe Grosse made the table.

UT441 is the specific one we bought.

Looks like they permanently closed their store the end of 2022, however. There might be other tables which fit the Thor or other similar machines with the same attachment points.

The description for the table read:

UT441 Flatbed Table Attachment for Juki TSC-441 class machines (Cobra Class 4, Cowboy 4500, etc.)

The Juki is a very popular machine - maybe talk to the folks at Sunny Sewing machines? Tandy sells the Cowboy 4500 - they might also sell accessories.

Mike C


Pretty sure it’s the juki 441 round that we want

Agreed. This one is metal (aluminum?) - probably cut by waterjet or CNC mill.

It will need to have the edges softened a bit before being put into service.

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Mill, not lathe. Corrected.