Thor Sewing Machine was left threaded - safety violation


I came into CA today and noticed that the new Thor Sewing Machine was left threaded.

I would like to remind everyone that for safety reasons this machinery requires training.

As a low tech method of ensuring that untrained people cannot simply use it on a whim it was decided before purchasing that after use the operator would be required to UNTHREAD the machine. The reasoning for this is that this machine has a very unique threading method that would require training, thus the only people capable of threading it would be those who were trained or who were familiar enough to understand that this is a very formidable piece of equipment capable of harming them. Presumably, as there is very prominent signage reflecting the training requirement, the operator who left this machine threaded took the training and thus should have been informed of this requirement.

Its going to take each trained operator being very deliberate about unthreading the machine after they are finished in order to make this work, otherwise we will need to look into more costly and higher tech options.

If you have any questions about this please contact @uglyknees, @matthshooter, or myself.