Thor presser feet compatibility?

Does anyone know if presser feet for the Juki Tsc-441 are compatible since the Thor is essentially a clone of the Juki?


What would you want to use the Thor for that wouldn’t work best with the walking foot we currently have?

and @HankCowdog

I need a Left Toe foot, kinda like a zipper foot. You would use it in any application where you needed to get the needle next to a raised area. For example: welts, wet formed areas, following the edge of a raised layer, etc.

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1901 Diplomacy Row in Dallas.
M-F 8-5
S 9-1
Closed Sunday

(Aka Sunny Sewing Center, after they moved locations a while back)


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Just to answer this in case anyone else has the same question down the line…

Spoke to Al at Sunny Sewing, there is a Left Toe (and a Right Toe) presser foot for the Thor. He also said the Juki parts are “all the same” and could also be used since the Thor is a clone of that machine.