Thompson Scraper For Turning (Brian)?

Found- Wood Turning Scraper blade on tool cabinet. Brian - I think this may be yours from Sunday morning? Let me know where you want me to leave it?

You may be meaning @ryan ? Maybe not…

Possibly. Looks like a tool he showed me on Sunday.

I was using it, and in not awesome fashion, forgot to return it to its pouch on the pegboard in the workshop. I’ll do some laps around the building next time Im there. Thanks for returning.

This one? I think this is someone’s personal scraper

Oh ■■■■! YES, that is my scraper. I’ll be by there today. Do you have it now?

Yes. I figured it was. I’ll be leaving in a hour or so. I’ll put it in the powermatic drawer with your name on it?

Got it. thanks!

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