Thin riving knife for Saw Stop?

Ill be using my own thin kerf blade. Do we have a thin riving knife in the shop for the Saw Stop?

no we don’t.


The SawStop safety system is designed for use with standard 10” blades with kerfs from 3/32” to 3/16”. Blades with kerfs much thinner than 3/32” should not be used because those blades might not be strong enough to withstand the force applied by the brake when it activates.

Thanks and I am aware. My blade is 3/32".

For ripping or cross-cutting? I don’t know if there is “a rule” in place in DMS Woodshop re: riving knives, but they are far more of a necessary safety feature for ripping cuts than cross-cut. (Of course, common sense and desire for safety would suggest never making a cut on a table saw without one unless impossible to otherwise accomplish, which is an exceedingly rare use case,)

If truly important, and therefore worth the cost and delay to order for yourself, S/S does offer a thin kerf riving knife:

(double check parts and fitment!)

If you do end up removing ours for any reason, please be sure to re-install for next person.

Yes there is,

:black_small_square: Unless a cut requires removal of the riving knife (eg, Dado cut, Resawing,), all cuts must have the riving knife installed

But there is not rule that says you have to replace the riving knife if you remove it.

Complete set of rules is posted above the miter saw table.