The Ultimate Ceramics Throwdown at Dallas 2024

Join the Ultimate Ceramics Throwdown at Dallas Maker Space!

Get ready for the most exciting ceramic event of the year! The Dallas Maker Space Ceramics Department Throwdown will take place on June 22 from 1 to 6 PM, and we want YOU to be part of the action!

Show Off Your Skills

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a budding artist, we have events for everyone:

  • Freehanded Clay Weigh
  • One-Handed Hand Building
  • Two Oz. Throwing
  • YouTube and Throw
  • Two-Person Hand Pull
  • Four-Person Wheel Madness
  • Two-Person Throwing
  • Coil Building Height
  • Pinch and Guess
  • How Many Pots
  • Blindfolded Throwing
  • Biggest 8 Pound Throw

We Need Participants, Volunteers, and Spectators!

Come compete, lend a hand, or simply enjoy the show. Your support makes all the difference!

Sign-Up Now!

Head over to the Maker Space and sign up on the sheets located on the cabinets for participation in events. Sign up on the events calendar for attendance. Respond to this talk message if we can count on you to volunteer. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this creative showdown!

Let’s make this event a smashing success! See you there!


I signed up for a couple events, but I’ll try and help out for the others!

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Can you add this to the PR calendar on Source? All signed in members have access. This is so digital media can see what the schedule looks like and make arrangements to be present to capture content.

I made the post for the events calendar before I made the talk post. It can take a couple days it to go live on the calendar.

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Sounds like a fun event, can assist where needed.

Someone helped it along. It’s now live.


Added it to the PR calendar


I’m teaching that day from 12-2 but would love to stop by after and see what’s going on!

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Hi all! I signed up for a few events, but there are still tons of open slots. What happens if we don’t get enough traction? Also, I’m happy to volunteer if extra hands are needed too.

You can remind everyone know that we have the ultimate ceramic throwdown is this Saturday at starting 1 o’clock. We will need volunteers to show up early to help set up, wedge clay to get it ready for events and to run events. Hope to see everyone there.

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Agh, I’m out of town. I wish I could attend!

Has anyone announced it on the DMs ceramics Instagram or the Dallas makerspace Instagram? I’m happy to make a graphic for an Instagram story if that helps.

Yes, that would be appreciated.