The New 3D Vacuum Press Has Arrived


Our new 3D vacuum press for dye sublimation has arrived. I unboxed it, and ran two tests last night. Sublmiation 101 included some plates and slate coasters for us to use for training. The press allows for sublimation on non-flat items, and mugs, bowls, etc. using wraps. It came with 2 wraps for 11 oz. mugs, and one wrap for 15 oz. mugs.

There is a rolling cart coming for it on Monday. I’ll be coming up about 6pm on Monday to assemble it, and move the 3D press onto it. I’ll be attending the meeting for the Wide Format Printer at 7pm, but can do an informal “Train the Trainers” after the meeting.

Here are some photos of the test items from Thursday night. Notice how well the ink was applied around the edges of the slate.


Out of curiosity, where do you source your slate?


I really liked the traditional dye sub printer so I’m probably going to LOVE this one


The slate I used for the test was one of the sample pieces that Sublimation 101 provided for us. You can get them all over, Sublimation 101, Conde, JDS Industries, Johnson Plastics, Amazon. I think they all sell the exact same product, from the same Chinese supplier. It goes by different names, depending on who you get it from: SubliSlate, SubliStone, etc.


Do you think it would work on the camping style metal sublimation mugs?


We can try the 11oz. mug wraps and see if they fit tight enough. I think they will work.


@sinless @Lordrook FYI


Do we have to wait for a class to be formed, or can I come try next week?


I’ll be teaching an adhoc class Monday after the wide-format printer meeting. You can come learn how to use it then.


I will try and make it. My daughter has the car right now.


Assembly going to be happening in CA I assume? I’m planning on heading over as soon as I get out of the office and helping.


The rolling cart is built, after 2-1/2 hours. I didn’t realize that there were going to be 1,362 screws needed to assemble it. I’m getting ready to add a training session to the calendar for Monday, November 5th at 8:30 pm.