The Manifold Build

The manifold started out as 8” long 1 3/8” brass.

I divided it into 4 even sections & added some detail. On my lathe at home.

Through drilled the hex

Kinda goes against the grain, but I went ahead & engine turned it before cross drilling.

Cross drilled

Next I created my own 120 degree V block to fixture the 1 3/8” aluminum to cope it with the correct angle. Ironically I used my old scrap pieces of aluminum from my pulley build.

Then used my newly created V block to fixture the aluminum Hex. I created the angle then drilled the pockets for the stainless 10-32 screws to hold it together.

Yeah that one on the right was a mess up.
Once I transferred the screw holes I drilled & tapped then made the final measurements for the stand offs. I machined them final length, drilled then tapped them for 3/8-16.

I then taped it all off & finished tapping all the holes for 1/4” NPT


Just awesome work, I always enjoy how you show the process in your posts.

That’s a really nice write up!