The Joy of the Freebie Shelf

Thank you to the member who put this groovy grooviness on the freebie shelf.
It was Totally love at first sight!

First I was going to use the piece itself (and still might), but I think it will inspire a new ceramic sculpture.

The tiny rows of brite orange ‘jelly’ dots are just killing me- I love it so much.

There are Two small headlight things I will go back for. I didn’t want to be greedy and take too much :)) If someone else discovers them and is inspired by them, then that’s the person they need to be with.

If I used (and understood) hashtags, this one would be:


Looks like an array of LEDs.

Cool! Is this an expensive part that should go to a tech maker?
I was going to use it in a sculpture.

Based on this same philosophy, it seems this item was meant to be your sculpture. Enjoy!


It kinda depends on whether or not someone let the “magic smoke” out.

If it works, some electronics oriented maker might be able to make something blinky flashy out of it.

If the smoke if gone, then sculpt away.

Electronics offers basic classes in wiring up LEDs. @artg_dms could probably help you test it to see if it works or needs some basic repairs to get it lit up again.

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Thank you!
I will check with electronics :))
It did cross my mind that it could be super cool if it lit up in the sculpture!

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Definitely a “Why not both ?” situation. :slight_smile: