The DMS Kitty Report 2/21/21

Both of the DMS cats are back. They’ve evidently been hunkered down in some place where they could concentrate their body heat. Mama Slinkster is a bit skinnier (but only a tiny bit), as was Squirt. Ears, toes, and tails are all fine. They weren’t even coming out to check for food, as there were no cat tracks in the snow on this side.


Was there one who used to come around several years ago but not lately?

Gary McNamara, one of the hosts of the Redeye radio Show, WBAP 820 AM, “adopted” a stray at the Westwood One studio about a mile to the south.

I “lost” Oliver a while back. He was a stray, as he liked to be petted.

This one?

No, all mine have been grey tabbies. Mind you, there were a couple of the kittens that were black. They lost interest in commercial cat food before they meandered off, though.

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I have some cat food I can bring you. So glad to hear they made it through snovid.


Hey Beth are you in charge of taking care of the stray cats? I’ld like to donate food or money to whoever is looking out for them. My wife and I have two inside cats and two strays that we trapped and had spayed who live on our back porch in heated cat houses, they come for a walk around the block every night.

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Yes, I feed them most every night, and try to coordinate if I’ll be away. Food is always welcome.