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Thinking on this again, and wondering, is the blog (currently, or able to) “simulcast” to social media? I’m just thinking that even if the blog is magically brought up to date and has content posted frequently, no one is going to read it unless it’s advertised somehow. I know there was mention of re-adding the link to the front page of if it becomes relevant again, but there should be more than that.
As another question up the same ally, do we have any metrics on the blog that are available to anyone posting?

Thank you!

I think the blog should be the center and other streams (FB, G+, Twitter, etc.) should announce new posts when they happen and direct them to our blog. It’s either that or all content gets restricted to 140 characters…hehe (mostly a joke by the way). If the post contains videos, those should obviously be on something like YouTube, but even that YouTube content should have a URL directing to the blog post.

Speaking to PR people, I believe this is the plan mostly. It also allows all members to create content on the blog if they want to participate in one location and allows others to clean it up etc., which is something many people wanting to create content would want.

When new blog posts are published, I do share them on Facebook and Google+

Anyone with a LDAP account (which is created automatically when you sign up as a member) can write a blog post. If you write a post, please send a message to [email protected] to let us know, so it can be reviewed and published. Please keep content relevant to current Dallas Makerspace happenings.


Awesome. Thank you for the elucidation. I was about to request a “work flow” type of posting from “someone who knows how things get to social networking pages”. If anyone can weigh in on whether we feed blurbs to other SN sites (twitter, reddit, egads the scads! or whatever) I’d love to know and would think it prudent to have that info available here.

Thank you again!

We have Twitter and Reddit accounts. They don’t get posted to as often as our primary social media pages (Facebook and Google+). I’ve got to get ready for work now. Look on the PR category for links to some of our Social Media pages. I’m not sure how up to date it is, but it’s a place to start if you are wanting to check them out.


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My apologies if I’m the only idiot not getting this.
This has bubbled up for me again, not because I have anything to post to the blog, but because I’m wondering why none of these projects is posted there.

Similar question, perhaps, posted here.

So that led to me being curious and to look into it again, and I am not seeing HOW anyone can create a blog entry. I am pretty darn novice when it comes to blog posting, especially as it might be done in a group setting (I have a couple of my own wordpress blogs where you go to the “admin” page and login and create an entry, but that’s clearly not intended for members of a group to publish). So, any directions, or things for the blogly illiterate to make it easier for this kind of awesomeness to end up on the blog?

Great point!

Here is the URL to login:

As far as design, etc… I’ve never been “into” blogging on a personal level, so never really learned all the more advanced options… I believe most of us use the editor that loads (vs any advanced features that may be available…). If you, or anyone else, wants to learn / use more advanced features, I would suggest a separate post specifically requesting help with WordPress design, etc… (I know that we have members who do use WordPress… Hopefully some will be willing to help those who may want to learn a bit more beyond just using the editor…)


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Awesome! Thank you!
Is this still an appropriate step, or should this be “create a ticket with the helpdesk” or…?

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I went ahead an threw a summary out there on the wiki:

Make of it what you will. :smile:


@jast ~ Unless PR decides otherwise, the preferred method to request that someone review and publish a newly written blog post would be to use the ticket system. Thanks for putting information about the blog on the wiki! Also… I have added a link to the blog page from the main page. :slight_smile:

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