The "40" and "10" glaze lists

At a previous Ceramics meeting, Scott wanted us to cut down the Potter’s Choice glazes. He said 30, but we argued him up to 40. And we threw out the number 10 to cut the Celadons down to. It didn’t work quite that way. I’ve actually cut the PC’s down to 36, and the Celadons to 13. We’re still less than 50. We’ll still continue to have several over that for a while, as we have stock in some of the discontinued items (discontinued by Amaco).

  1. PC17 Honey Flux
  2. PC20 Blue Rutile
  3. PC21 Arctic Blue
  4. PC22 Blue Stone
  5. PC23 Indigo Float
  6. PC24 Sapphire Float
  7. PC25 Textured Turquoise
  8. PC27 Tourmaline
  9. PC28 Frosted Turquoise
  10. PC30 Temmoku
  11. PC31 Oatmeal
  12. PC32 Albany Slip
  13. PC33 Iron Lustre
  14. PC34 Light Sepia
  15. PC36 Ironstone
  16. PC36 Iron Yellow
  17. PC40 True Celadon
  18. PC41 Vert Lustre
  19. PC42 Seaweed
  20. PC43 Toasted Sage
  21. PC44 Sage
  22. PC45 Dark Green
  23. PC46 Lustrous Jade
  24. PC47 Emerald Falls
  25. PC48 Art Deco Green
  26. PC49 Frosted Melon
  27. PC52 Deep Sienna Speckle
  28. PC53 Ancient Jasper
  29. PC55 Chun Plum
  30. PC57 Smoked Merlot
  31. PC58 Tuscany
  32. PC59 Deep Firebrick
  33. PC61 Textured Amber
  34. PC63 Cosmic Tea Dust
  35. PC 66 Cosmic Oil spot
  36. PC67 River Rock


  1. C1 Obsidian
  2. C10 Snow
  3. C20 Cobalt
  4. C23 Ice
  5. C27 Storm
  6. C32 Ochre
  7. C36 Iron
  8. C41 Pear
  9. C49 Rainforest
  10. C53 Weeping Plum
  11. C54 Snapdragon
  12. C57 Mulberry
  13. C60 Marigold

Thank you Beth!

Thanks for all the work yall do!

Just curious about the main reason for cutting the variety of glazes - is it because of the time it takes to upkeep the inventory? Budget? Something else? I support all yalls decisions. I am just wondering.

To some degree – room on the shelves. Mind you, when I started this the glazes were just up there anywhere. Once I put them in order by Amaco number (but not by type, so C-10 and PC-10 will be next to each other), it became evident that we might have several bottles of the same color. Still, we have sooo many. The donated Coyote, Mayco, and Spectrum are taking up a moderate share of the shelves, but we’ve never provided those. Well, except for the pandemic years when we might have to step out a bit to get very basic colors.


I’m going to go ahead and volunteer to take custody of the extras :rofl:

Ha. Ha. We could sell you one.


Bumping this up.