The '18 Grand Ball Build Log


In the same energy as the storage shed build I’m going to bring to you a very special “build” that I participate in - The Grand Ball. Grand Ball is a special needs “prom” done at Lewisville High School last years website with a video for those who hate to read. It’s a special night for everyones family. It takes an entire year to put on and has lots and lots of love put into it.

Here are the things you need to understand:

  1. This is put on by teachers and a student led club - it’s a team and a huge team effort for a group of kids and families
  2. We spend as little as humanly possible- think depression age thinking and mix it up with high school art teachers on a budget set forward by a non-profit and you get part dumpster diving part renaissance woman thinking
  3. Everything is largely disposable as we have no real storage - although lots of the stuff gets claimed by other teachers for projects, weddings, parties
  4. Creativity is queen
  5. It’s the same energy as a wedding, without the bride and groom to fight with
  6. Nothing is ever really finished or fine but magic happens

I’ll not bombard with pictures - I’ll try to update it every week or so.


Totally misread the title and was ecstatic about an 18 foot diameter chandelier ball thing.


This is an unfinished storybook prop for the photographer made from a large tv box, a drop cloth, and national honor graduation regalia for the book mark. It’s reused from last year and were just popping another page on top for this year. Total cost: $0

Tons and tons of huge flowers ain’t they fun. This is enough for five centerpieces. Made from poster board and a bunch of hot glue. Total cost: $35 for all the poster board

Some very random characters not specifically associated with a specific movie. Painted on the backs of a reused yellow brick road from a few years ago. Total cost: $8 for some spray varnish which If we would have really looked we had some in the fire cabinet but it was tucked in the back

The start of the queens topiary garden. Made from a paintcan donated by the city, a gatorade bottle from the trash, recycled sheets from choir and donated white fabric from scrap in Denton, repurposed vines and gossamer from a grand ball four years ago, a styrofoam cooler I found on the free shelf at dms, a dollar store bucket, pvc, repurposed (and ugly as hell right now) gold leaf, glitter and paper mache. Total cost: $2.50 for two…well really $3.50 because I ruined a bucket on accident

This is going to take a bit and it’s just a trial for now so I can try a new finish it doesn’t make sense and I know it. This will be two 6’ large queens chess piece which will be an arch - made from donated concrete tubes, some chicken wire I found in a closet, a pool noodle from my storage shed at home, tons of hot glue and paper mache for now. To be added will be a pool doughnut float (I think), some foam, a French drain we found in a closet, a large rubber ball, another ball total cost: $0 so far
It looks like nothing…just hold on to your judgement for now.

That’s all I have for this week. More to come (but probably not next week…next week will be finals and getting the kids outta town)


Disney’s Cease & Desist and Copyright Infringement fees pending.:wink:


Disney vs. a bunch of special needs parents just wanting an absolutely no stress party. That’s a movie I would be willing to watch. My money is on the parents. Well not real money. I don’t have Disney fighting money.


Is this event happening next week? Or is the date actually in 2019. I guess I’m confused…


Sorry. Teacher years don’t evolve with the new year. Yes, this is for March 30th 2019


Let me know how I can help.


A two-month project that’s still running at six months due to working solo, designing on the fly, and making material-saving decisions that cost appreciable time?


I meant in the same respect to how you kept track at it. I admire watching it happen.


Better plan than letting it drag on for so long.


Ecstatic because you flashed back to your Tony Manero disco days? It’s all been downhill since then…admit it.


But we do have a disco picnic table to relive the fever!


I have access to a disco ball and event lighting. (Wayne’s Company - Lighting-Guy) Do you need help with that aspect?


That’s very kind of you! Thank you!!
I’ll ask the lady in charge as I am just a minion to her plan.


The head whipping girl said absolutely yes to the disco ball! I’ll write you!!!
Thank you so much!!!


Ok guys. Had holiday break and it was wonderful and relaxing and frantic. I spent a Couple of minutes cutting out shapes for further manipulations for the tunnel of card men that will take the stage. Oh glitter you horrible soul.
This week @brsims and @kpblitzen42 and James helped MIG weld 20 very primitive bases to be utilized a million different ways. I’m so very thankful for the help. Teacher volunteers at the school were given fabric to make roses and I have hundreds flooding in. Our first big worknight will be January 26th to coincide with open house. Lots of small bits and pieces. Anyways, this week might not muster quite a bit - new semester and new schedules to uphold.