Team Special Circumstances Build Log

@Luetchy and I have been working on designing and building a 3lb combat robot called “So Much for Subtlety”.

So far we have built 2 distinct version of our robot. The first version of So Much for Subtlety was significantly overweight and ran into a number of significant technical issues during the build process. So we were forced to remove most of our armor and our weapon was significantly under powered.

So Much for Subtlety did not do well in its first fight and was rendered basicly inoperative.

We learned quite a bit from V1 and set out to create V2. We started by changing the weapon, simplifying a number of parts and testing a bunch of different motors and ESCs.

First we built a new drivetrain:

Then we got to work making the new weapon:

@Chris_Wischkowsky and @hon1nbo helped us heat treat the S7 tool steel for the drum:

We then finished one of our two weapons, the 2 tooth beater bar.



At this point we ran into some issues with our drivetrain that required we rebuild the whole thing:

After the rebuild we thought we were close to being ready to fight:

But packing our electronics into the body proved to be rather tricky, but we managed.



Fully built our robot weighed in at 1247 grams well under the 1360 gram limit

So being the fools we are we designed to build a new weapon, a single tooth drum:

James Koffeman and Polyprinter generously machined the crazy drum shape for us.

I then finished it out on the lathe at the makerspace.

We then balanced the drum:

@Luetchy then heat treated the new S7 weapon tooth

Next we weighed the unassembled bot and came in at a cool 1280 grams

Then we rebuilt and tested So much for Subtlety V2

Come watch us fight at Robot Rebellion 2.3:


Looks like a very interesting project and also a very interesting process.

Wanna come out to Open House and demonstrate it? It’s an inspiring use of a lot of Makerspace tools.



@themitch22 how hard would it be to organise a demonstration fight at the space? Can the arena be moved or is that not realistic?

I bet if we could get the people from DARC to volunteer and pay for the truck (somewhere around $500 to transport it)

Great write up. I’ll do a little write up for my bot.

Would it fit in one of out trailers? If so, just need someone to tow and a lot of expense saved.