Tandy Leather Irving closing


Went in to buy some dye resist that they were supposed to be getting in and was told they found out yesterday that location will be closing Jan 7th.


Well that sucks.


Did it look like they were doing any sort of “everything must go” sale or are they just going to be transferring products to other locations?


I felt too bad to ask because they just found out yesterday and the women don’t know if they’ll be moved to a new location. I was thinking of going back over the weekend and asking them.


Hopefully they get to go to a new store. It is never a good time to loose your job but especially this time of year. Let us know if you do end up finding out!


I hope they move to Lewisville or by the MakerSpace. None are close, but the Irving location was the nearest to me. I imagine it’s been there a very long time.

Shame for the employees. IIRC, they were hiring when I was there last, many months ago


I was there speaking to a lady name Mara, she said they were moving locations “right across the street”. If she was right unsure…


Hope so…


When we went the other day they told us that the initial plan was to relocate the staff from that location. The day after Christmas they were informed that was no longer the case and they’d be unemployed. I have heard nothing about a new store.


Who knows? Next time it may be Sears.


Here is the email I just got from Tandy about the closing.


That leaves a pretty big geographical hole in the middle there doesn’t it. Also, charge your phone.


Boooooo! I am not a fan of the Allen store and everyone else is too far.


Lol, it was charging. I was in cell phone black hole today so it drained the hell out of my battery.