Tag Connect Connectors

Would anyone happen to have a Tag Connect connector that I could borrow for a couple weeks?

I’m headed to DEFCON and it looks like the connector on the badge is a “TC2050-IDC-NL” which looks like this:


and mates with this:

Mouser doesn’t appear to carry them, and with Digikey is having shipping delays that would make it pretty tight to get one in time.

@artg_dms I know it’s a long shot but is there anything in your personal stock? If I have to I can solder to the pads but the pitch spacing is pretty tight and there are 10 pins.

I can’t help as I used the 6 pin.

But I did a quick check on the site https://www.tag-connect.com/

and you can get a 10 pin shipped next day.

BTW be sure to get the legs unless you want to hold it on and it gets annoying unless your programming a lot of boards.

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Not looking familiar to anything I have.

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